More Heart Attacks Occur on January Mornings

January Mornings are Dangerous….But why?

Cardiovascular deaths, such as heart attacks and strokes, peak in January, and scientists are still trying to understand the cause behind this.

Initial theories suggested it had something to do with the cold, but research has shown that the pattern holds true in cities with mild winters and constant temperatures.

Researchers at the University of Southern California found a seasonal variation in heart attacks, with a third more deaths occurring in January.

If you were to ask 100 cardiologists what it was that caused this thickening, or for that matter, heart disease in general, around 95 of them would probably answer inflammation.

Inflammation is absolutely the case here as well










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Studies have also found a seasonal pattern of cardiac mortality in different locations around the world.

Researchers have considered air pollution as a possible factor, as levels of pollutants like nitrogen dioxide, which can cause premature deaths, are highest in January in large cities.

The flu and infections are also known triggers for heart attacks.

Other seasonal risk factors include high blood sugar, high blood pressure, low vitamin D levels and lack of exercise.

Additionally, research has shown that risk factors are at high levels in the morning and low in the evening, and disruptions to circadian rhythms have been linked to cardiac disorders.










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