Are Keto Brownies Linked To Heart Attacks?

Keto “Junk Food” May Not Be As Harmless As You  Think

One of the key ingredients in sweets labeled as keto is Erythritol

Erythritol is a sugar alcohol that has zero calories but is made by fermenting glucose

It occurs naturally in certain foods, including grapes, mushrooms, pears, watermelon, beer, cheese, and wine.

It is now frequently added to processed foods and beverages to give them a sweet taste without the added calories – especially KETO-labeled foods.



Since erythritol is a sweetener that is similar in sweetness to sugar, it is a great substitute for sugar when baking, but is it great for your health?

Remember, it is made by fermenting glucose.

Erythritol is All Over The News.. But Not For It’s Great Health Benefits

The emergence of recent news headlines linking erythritol, a commonly used sweetener, to an increased risk of cardiovascular events such as:

  • Heart attack
  • Stroke
  • Blood Clot

Are all alarming.

The widespread use and popularity of this sweetener make this news especially concerning.

Those who regularly consume erythritol may be deeply troubled by this development, as it raises serious questions about the safety of this widely used sugar substitute.

Erythritol Study 

A team of researchers conducted a study involving over 1,000 volunteers who were undergoing cardiac risk assessment.

The researchers collected blood samples from these participants and analyzed them for chemical markers.

Over the next three years, the researchers tracked which participants had a heart attack, stroke, or died.

It is important to note that the study did not measure erythritol consumption directly but instead analyzed the presence of erythritol in the blood and its correlation with the incidence of a cardiovascular event over the three-year period.

This is a more advanced method of measuring actual levels in the blood.

Additionally, it is worth mentioning that most participants in the study were over 60 years old and had pre-existing conditions such as:

  • Diabetes
  • Hypertension
  • Obesity

Putting them at a higher risk for cardiovascular disease.


My Recommendation:

It’s important to note, that consuming keto brownies or any other food item that is sweetened with erythritol is not an immediate danger to your health.

While there may be a potential link between erythritol and an increased risk of heart disease, this should not come as a shock to anyone.

If the headline stated: “People with the highest levels of sugar had and increased risk of stroke and heart attack” – No one would be surprised.

Once again, Erythritol is made by fermenting glucose!

My message is instead of Keto Ice Cream or Keto Bars, opt for the real treat one day per week on your “Free Day!’


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