30 Day Fitness Map

Do you struggle to lose weight & drop body fat? 

You may just not be using a results based formula for success. Will all of the information online it can be difficult to decipher what is valid information and what isn’t, and how to put it all together. 

1.) Consultation

At your consultation you will receive a dexa scan, discuss goals with Dr.Derek, and establish what steps you need to take to reach those goals based on your DEXA scan results.


2.)Begin Diet

Implementing the recommended meal plan & inputting your foods eaten into a diet tracking app for Dr.Derek & trainer Jake to review 


3.) Begin Workouts

You will be working out with either a private trainer or in a semi-private setting. 


4.) Begin Supplements For Accelerated Results

Dr.Derek has specific supplements from our SG Product line that he recommends to clients. Here you’ll see our SG Omega 3 Cold Processed Fish Oil

5.) Receive Dietary Feedback 

Based on the foods you submitted into the diet tracking app, you will receive feedback on your choices and what you could potentially improve or what you should keep eating more of. 


6.) At 15 Days Your Body Enters Ketosis

Which means you start burning fat! Pictured here is one of our clients of the month. Muffet has lost a total of 28 pounds so far, 25 of those pounds being fat. Great work! 


7.) You Start Seeing Progress With Your Workouts

Workouts that may have seemed extremely difficult or almost impossible when you initially got started could be a breeze now! 


8.) More Dietary Feedback 

You will receive consistent feedback on your diet. 

9.) First 1 Month Follow Up Dexa Scan

This helps to track your progress! 

10.) Receive Feedback 

After your Dexa Scan you will receive feedback from Dr.Derek based on those resutls.


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