Doctors Reverse Egg Advice

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Eggs… back in the news this week.

Regurgitating the best advanced nutritional and medical advice of 1968.

Some believe this old story is retribution for the Cereal Industry getting very bad news last month as a “Initiator of Propaganda’ for breakfast being the most important meal of the day.

Others believe this is a desperate last ditch effort of statin (cholesterol lowering) drug companies looking to hold on to their diminishing financial windfall just a little longer . 

Even the ‘slow to respond’ USDA finally gave up on warning of egg and cholesterol heart disease myth in 2014.

Good news: it’s one of the better things you could ever eat.

An egg a day not only keeps the doctor away…

It also leads to:

  • Weight loss
  • Dropping clothing size
  • Improved heart health
  • Less risk of diabetes
  • More strength and tone

 In the 26-years I have been helping people with their diets and fitness, I have seen thousands of cases of overweight, obese, morbid obese, diabetes, and more… the leading cause of this is not “consuming eggs”.

Enjoy your scramble this AM (It’s healthy- and fat dropping)

(Cook in Macadamia nut oil!)

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