Obesity, Diabetes & Covid-19

  • New York Times
  • CDC
  • World Health Organization

Maybe you’ve seen and it’s been all over the headlines (below) but research is specifically looking at the major risks of COVID-19.

  1. Age
  2. Obesity
  3. Diabetes

Now I think it’s easy to lump all health problems on those three factors but it helps narrow down what areas and populations are most at risk and where resources need to be most allocated.

I find it so incredibly interesting – and hopefully motivating of how the majority of these risk factors (other than age) are totally within your control.. Please watch the video above. I made this for you as a class-unit and as a blueprint to help you improve!


1) The CDC is listing the Groups with the Highest Risk for Severe Illness and getting sick with COVID-19 No surprise, that whenever the body is compromised there will be health repercussions.  


2) The World Obesity Federation  shows how obesity related conditions worsen the effects of COVID-19. So if you have either been exposed or the possibility of exposure in the future, obesity and diabetes will increase the effects. 


3) Surprising, according the the New York Times the research is showing that even younger patients are becoming seriously ill.   What we thought initially was a problem of just older individuals is proving to not be the case entirely.  While younger individuals have a much lower chance of having server effects of COVID-19 than older adults, that advantage is all but gone when the younger individual is obese. 


Furthermore, some experts are beginning to correlate that the reason why the US had had a higher contraction and death than the rest of the world is because we have the highest level of obesity, diabetes and poor health.

The US does not have the most density as a measurement of population per square mile or the oldest population.

More research needs to be done but it’s an interesting explanation of why the US has suffered more than other countries and why younger individuals have had an increasingly difficult time with COVID-19 as well.

My guess is that both obesity and diabetes increases the risk of all disease, not just COVID-19.

When the body is compromised, risk will always increase.

This is true for the current COVID-19 pandemic and any future reoccurrence or other new viral crisis in the future.


  • Lowering your weight/fat pounds
  • Increase muscle tissue for metabolism
  • Eat low glycemic Foods
  • Be accountable and evaluate often
  • Be consistent make make a commitment to yourself and others to be faithful to this purpose

I hope these ideas and resources bring you value and insight during this critical time in history.

Please do your part in setting a positive tone during this time. 

Please stay safe, wash your hands, choose to develop more skills and insight, and care for those you love and yourself.

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