Nuts for weight loss -Glycemic Index of nuts

Nuts can help you drop body fat, lose weight and be healthy.  

However, if not done correctly, can also contribute to weight gain, body fat accumulation and digestive issues.   How can it be both?   Well, let’s break it down and determine the healthy nuts.   First, it’s important to note that nuts are a combination food.   That means it’s not a pure Macro nutrient, (Protein, Fat or Carbohydrate) – rather a combination of ALL three.   The exact ratio of Protein, Fat or Carb depends on the type of nut.   Look below at the Glycemic Index of popular nuts. Keep in mind, the lower the Glycmeic Index, the better when it comes to fat loss. Image For me personally, I will only eat nuts that are below 15GI.   It helps me keep my blood glucose and insulin low to prevent against body fat gain.   For many of my clients, I think it’s reasonable to have nuts up to 25-30GI but you must be careful!   Looking to lose weight, improve your health, fitness and length of life?   ↠Join me: Private Fitness & Fat Loss Consultation w/ Dr. Derek Alessi     Image

Serving Size per Day:   I think a visual representation is important.   Nuts do vary greatly in terms of Macro-nutrient breakdown.   However, in the 26-years I have been in business, I have concluded that most people are not going to use food scales or count out a certain amount of nuts.   It’s both inconvenient and obsessive.   In all honesty, I don’t usually count them out either.   In fact, unless I am working with someone who is either getting ready for a fitness contest or on a huge mission to change their body, I usually teach an easier serving size approach. Image Handful approach:   I usually instruct people to have one handful of their favorite low Glycemic Index nut.   It’s faster and easier than measuring or using a food scale.   I don’t mind if someone eats the entire handful at once or breaks it into two 1/2 handfuls per day.   Furthermore, nuts can be taken as a snack or along with a meal.   Some of my most successful clients use them as a dessert after a meal.    Image Loaded with Energy, Vitamins and Minerals:   Nuts are very energy dense (which means they contain a lot of calories.)   However, think of this first as a potential good thing.   They are energy rich because they contain a generous amount of fats.   Most of the fat ratio: Omega 3 to Omega 6 is well balanced.   Keep in mind Omega 3 fats are the Super Healthy Fats (good for your cells, skin, muscle and heart).   Omega 6 fats are the less desirable fats (will lead to cellular inflammation).   Most nuts are also an excellent source of vitamins, minerals and fiber.   Especially water soluble B vitamins as well as calcium and potassium.   Calcium from vegetables and nuts absorbs into the human body readily whereas calcium from dairy does not absorb well and is almost negligible.     If you’d like me to help you figure this out once and for all and discuss your goals personally:    Click Here for a Private Fitness & Fat Loss Consultation Image Peanuts: are not a nut   Peanuts are not a nut but rather a legume (bean).   This fact seemed to be somewhat more shocking 10+ years ago, but most people are well aware of this now.   Peanuts in all forms (including peanut butter) are much higher in Glycemic Index since they are more starchy in nature like dry beans.   Perhaps even worse than being higher in Glycemic Index is the fact that peanuts do not contain as much good monounsaturated Omega 3 fatty acids as most other nuts.   Lastly, there is a growing body of evidence that suggest that peanuts may contain a carcinogenic toxin called Aflatoxin B1 (NIH report)     Looking to improve your health, fitness and length of life?   ↠Join me: Private Fitness & Fat Loss Consultation w/ Dr. Derek Alessi Image What does all this mean?   Eating nuts can be a wonderful and healthy addition to any weight loss diet.     They provide many necessary calories (energy) coming from good sources of Omega 3 Fats, vitamins, minerals and fiber.   However, the types and quality that you consume is very important.   It is possible to eat too many or the wrong kind of nuts which can limit your fat loss success. افضل طريقة للعب الروليت   However, I do not believe that eliminating them is necessary. كيف تربح المال من الإنترنت  

My strategy for most clients?   Eat nuts every day or every other day – the ones that are  lowest in GI (see above) Watch quantity – serving size = 1 handful Limit peanuts, in all forms due to being higher in GI, lower in good fats and the potential for toxins. If you want to lose weight, drop body fat, reduce or eliminate medications and rehabs and work around injuries – Now is the time: Evaluate a starting point Determine injuries, limitations and level Design a BLUEPRINT (diet & exercise) Practice consistency Track Progress Learn More for lasting success   This IS the best time of year for adults to get into shape – not January resolutions  

My Clients: They range in age from 8-94 years old, however the majority are (40-75 years old).   Many work full-time, are busy & have tried many things (health clubs, diets, trainers, home equipment) to lose weight & get healthy – with little progress and no lasting results. لعب قمار   Most want to drop fat, improve health & get fit with lasting success.   This year can be your best year ever – if you do the right things!  

It’s not about: Starving Health clubs Counting calories Home fitness equipment

It is about: Intelligently planing the right exercise Eating Nutritious foods Accountability with consistency  

Now it’s your turn & I’ll help…. Fitness Recommendations & ​Diet Recommendations Pain management & reduction Medication reduction and/or elimination Mobility Improvement Extend Quality of Life Accountability to track success Looking to improve your health, fitness and length of life?  

Join me:  Private Fat Loss & Fitness Consultation   Image                 I hope this helps.    ​It is my pleasure helping improve your health & fitness!!       ​Derek Alessi Ph.D   AuthorLose Fat Forever, Bermuda Triangle Diet, Resolution Reset Owner: Dr. Derek Health & Fitness  USA Today: Health & Fitness Contributor TV : Live It Fit Now! Sunday  CreatorLive It Fit Blitz – Private Fitness & Fat Loss Consultation  Buffalo Row (Dryland Fitness Rowing Club) Office: 716.633.2030            The reason why you’ve received this email from me is because you’re a client of mine, been to one of my events or downloaded one of my books.  If you no longer wish to hear from me or receive strategies for improving your life, I understand.  Make the most of you life…Live It Fit! – Dr. Derek

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