National KETO day, does it matter?

Today is National Keto Day. And believe it or not, it was not invented by a bunch of over-zealous Cross-fitters as a way to promote their weight loss and body fat reducing diet.

It was originally promoted as an effective treatment for epilepsy in both children and adults.

In fact, Nationaltoday.com states:

On National Keto Day, January 5, we are reminded that people on ketogenic diets cut carbs out of their diet to an extent where the body starts to consume fat — instead of carbohydrates — for fuel. The obvious benefit of fat used for energy is weight loss, but it also helps epilepsy patients avoid seizures, and is shown to increase cognitive brain function.

Keto Diet Questions and Answers 

Can a Ketogenic diet help weight/fat loss?

Yes.  Because insulin (blood sugar) in your blood will be consistently lower. 

Can a Ketogenic diet help energy?

A) Yes, with the right sources of fuel.  However, you’ll first need to go through sugar withdrawal and reduce the amount of glucose in your blood and liver.  It can take between 48-hours for fit individuals and up to 15-days for non-fit individuals.

 Is a Ketogenic diet healthy for the long run?

A) Yes.  It is very healthy.  Individuals will outperform the population in regards to health, energy and length of life.

Dr. Derek, do you recommend a Ketogenic diet for your clients?

A) No.  It is both unnecessary and too difficult for most people.

Instead, I have more success with clients eating the ‘Right Carbs’ every day. In addition, I even have them eat the ‘Wrong Carbs’ on certain days. I try to use the benefits of a ketogenic diet, but make it easier longterm for my clients.

It all depends upon the individual’s current fitness status, goals, age, medications and behaviors. I do recognize that certain principles of a Ketogenic diet are effective for many health benefits as well as for burning fat.

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