Good News…

As it is so often in life, perception is everything….

Yesterday I wrote an email newsletter mentioning that a recent study was done on Nature.com extrapolating the effects of eating certain foods on gaining or losing minutes of life.

Not surprisingly,  alcohol, soda pop and other sugary or nitrate-based foods lead the list. tippmix.hu sportfogadás

In fact, eating a hot dog because of its high nitrate component steals 35-minutes of life for each hot dog consumed!

I mentioned this was ‘BAD NEWS’

A client, (Heidi H) yesterday corrected me and said it’s actually “GREAT NEWS!”

Finally, a quantifiable way of measuring food to help individuals make better choices so that they can be healthier and live longer.

She’s right!

When foods are reduced down to minutes of life gained or lost there is really no guessing.

This is worth mentioning again.

On the flip side, some food has been studied to extend human life…. gaminator kredit  William W. LI MD, an oncologist in his book: Eat to Beat Diseases thinks that eating Omega-3 fats can increase life expectancy 4.2 Years!

In other words, is a good bet to increase your Omega-3 fats.  However, where the fish oil comes from and how it is processed makes a difference.

Since the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster in Japan in March of 2011, the northern Pacific has seen an increased toxicity level of radioactive material.

Therefore, it is not recommended to use fish from this region.

The purest production of Fish Oil has switched to the Northern Atlantic (Icelandic Coast).

Furthermore, the way in which the oil is extracted makes a difference.Since fish oil has a low smoke-point (90 degrees) it is necessary to Cold-Process the fish oil to keep the integrity of the Omega-3 properties. nyerőgépes játék telefonra

Most fish oil companies heat up the oil to extract it, which is quicker and cheap, however, not only does it ruin the omega-3 fats of the fish oil, it also creates a carcinogenic effect.

•Uses fish from the North Atlantic Iceland Coast
•Uses Cold-processing for extraction
•Prescription Strength but at O.T.C. Prices

•Under 100-lbs – 1 softgel/day
•100-150lbs – 2 softgel/day
•150-200lbs – 3 softgel/day
•Over 200lbs – 4 softgel/day

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