The Best Eating Survival Guide for The 4th of July

4th of July Weekend!

I’m a bigger fan of preventing weight gain than roller-coaster weight gain and weight loss.

Besides, with warmer weather and fewer heavy clothes to hide our bodies, you’ll not be happy with weight gain at this time of year.

Here are my suggestions on how to manage the 4th of July Weekend…

1. Limit Bad Days

  • Get right back on track and have a CLEAN DAY the day after the 4th.
  • Avoid three in a row- Three bad days will fill the liver full of sugar and fat gain will occur
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2. Balance Each Meal With A Protein

  • Chicken, fish, eggs, beef, etc to complement whatever else you may have.
  • Mother’s Day should not be viewed as a ‘jail break’ to fill yourself with large amounts of carbs and sugars.  Use sound judgment.

3.  High Octane MCT Oil in Coffee, Tea, or Protein Shake

This will both decrease cravings and lowering blood sugar will help you drop body fat High Octane MCT Oil

High Octane MCT Oil

4. Drink 12oz water before all meals:

  • This is good advice anytime and will curb your appetite.

5. Have Cold Processed Molecularly Distilled Omega-3 Fish Oil 

  • It will lower your blood sugar and help you drop fat.

6. Watch Liquid Calories Balance Each Meal With A Protein

  • Juice and cow’s milk (should be a never)
  • Limit alcohol – each glass of wine is like a candy bar!

 7. Use Origin Keto Salad Dressing 

  • It will help you drop fat with the salad, especially compared to other dressings.
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8. Trick – Push The Sugar Into Your Muscles Before A Meal

I’ve mentioned this before.

  • This is a fat loss trick, do push-ups and sit-ups 10-minutes before eating to force the sugar to get absorbed into muscle glycogen and not remain in the blood to be stored as fat. 
  • Everyone is at a different level, most people can easily do 10-push ups (from the knees is acceptable) and 20-sit ups at a time. 
  • Do that three times (sets) then eat.
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9. Drink A New Zealand Grass Fed Protein Shake

  • Mix with water at least once if not twice/day
  • It will fuel your muscles (metabolism) and prevent blood sugar spikes/crash
  • Grass-Fed is a superior protein that is also hormone-free and higher in iron.
  • Furthermore, New Zealand Grass Fed Protein is sweetened naturally with Stevia as opposed to Splenda which is in almost every other protein powder.

10. Get Back To Your Workouts On Tuesday!

 Happy 4th!

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