The Perfect Fat Dropping Breakfast

How would you like to have the perfect breakfast?

The perfect breakfast must consist of:

Protein – that is highly absorbable

Fats – that are omega 3 and will help your heart repair

Carbs – that are low glycemic and won’t raise your glucose

Good News:

I have it for you here!

Bacon & Avocado Omelet

From my book Cooking with Gold

Download Here

For a buttery but healthy taste, cook it in Mac Oil (taste like Butter)

Available online at It will help you with weight control and to be healthy.

Here are the ingredients:

Here are the directions.

It’s simple. You can follow the steps below or just use the ingredients above and make an omelet the way you typically would!

Note: If it seems like I’m a fan of Macadamia Nut Oil it’s because I am. It’s proven to be the best.

Honestly, it’s the best cooking oil available. Australian Macadamia Nut Oil (tastes like Butter)

When it comes to eggs, I prefer cage-free eggs. They are higher in Omega fats (good Fats) that will help your health and fat loss goals.

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