Dr. Dereks Low Carb Travel Day

Dr.Derek still likes to maintain his low or no carb lifestyle when traveling. Last week, Dr. Derek ventured to New Jersey to attend Supply Side East to find the healthiest, ethically sourced, eco friendly, product packing and product ingredients for our Strength Genesis product line.

We sampled various:

  • Health Gummies
  • Health Beverages
  • Protein Drinks and Bars
  • Keto Candy

And More!

Staying Low Carb When At Restaurants

Of course travel entails eating at restaurants that you may not be familiar with or doesn’t seem to have great options.

Post Flight Meal

Dr.Derek typically doesn’t eat until noon maintaining a strict regimen of intermittent fasting but he knew there was a long day ahead of him. Just a quick stop at the hotel breakfast for eggs, sausage, and coffee with no artificial creamer or sugar.

Of course there were english muffins, bagels, toast, and pastries as well but making better choices over time will get your where you want to be long term. Also, skipping the high calorie condiments like ketchup.

Whats For Dinner?

We went to a restaurant for dinner that wasn’t huge in the department of health food options. How about a burger? Great choice, but without the bun and fries, and over a bed of lettuce! Delicious, high in nutrients your body needs, and no sluggish feeling afterwards that usually comes from overload of carbs.

Supplement Intake While Traveling

Dr.Derek likes to maintain his health as much as he can when traveling. He’s not able to cook with mac oil, or take the usual protein (which can be brought it was just a quick overnight trip). A supplement he was sure to still maintain was his Omega 3 Molecular Distilled Cold Processed Fish Oil.

Super Supplement?

Super supplement? You could say that. Fish oil is Dr.Dereks #1 recommended supplement working to target a wide array of health concerns someone may be experiencing.

If you can’t maintain all supplements or health regiments while traveling that’s okay and to be expected, it’s best to implement what you can.

Get Your SG Omega 3 Pharmaceutical grade prescription Strength Fish Oil at the link below.

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