Congratulations To Our Client Of The Month

Dr. Derek Client of the Month!


We are excited to announce that the

Client Of The Month for August is Ron Matre!



Ron has been a client for 30 – years!

(He’s been with me since the beginning)

His first day was February 22, 1993.

In the past 30- years Ron has
  • Started and grew a business
  • Raised a family
  • Had Ankle Surgery
  • Had a Double Knee Replacement
  • Gained Muscle & Dropped Fat
  • Reduced Blood Pressure & Medications

Ron at a Glance:

  • Favorite Sports Team: Buffalo Bills (Maybe their Biggest Fan)
  • Favorite Exercise:  Preacher Curls 
  • Hobbies – Walking, Reading, Enjoying People
  • Favorite Supplement: It’s a three-way Tie
Words of advice for someone over 45 who is struggling with their health and fitness?
Keeping in mind that what you’re doing currently isn’t working. Pick up the phone and call Dr. Derek. It’s the only program and life changing results that I have found. 

Here’s to 30 more years!

Great Job Ron!

Derek Alessi Ph.D & Staff

Full Video here

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