Fit & 40?

Are you 40-and over?

You’re not old – but you’re not a kid either! موقع مراهنات عربي

You can still get into amazing fitness, shape, weight and health – but the approach is different than it was when you were 20.

These are the BEST years to be in great shape, health & have energy!

(No need to suffer – time to make the most of it)

1. Fitness Program Design based on skeletal limitations:

  • Do you have pain or injury to your: Knees, back, hips, shoulders, neck?
  • It might be a sign of skeletal imbalances that are causing joint pain/injury
  • If so, that must be taken into consideration for your workout design
    • The goal is to build a foundation support to the injured area, lowering the risk of future injury and regaining movement
    • At the same time, avoid impact to the area that could make the problem worse

2. Less time exercising but more calories burning. رهان الخيل :

  • Work biggest muscles = most calories burning per second
  • If done right – only 1.6% of entire week should be spent exercising
  • For most people 3/x workouts per week is appropriate

3. Eat the Right Foods to keep insulin low.:

  • It’s not about counting calories, skipping meals or starving – it’s learning to eat the right foods that will nourish and support your life
  • Food preparation is important but can be as simple or elaborate as an individual desires.  For many people, simpler is better
  • It’s not about being perfect – it’s about being consistent.  There is a time and place for everything (ice cream, pizza, sweets, etc.) you just have to know when.

4. Track with accountability:

  • Consistency is key – just like brushing your teeth and flossing (can’t just do it the day before the dentist)
  • Good Intentions – we all have good intentions and I don’t doubt that you want to improve.  Without a trackable program it makes any results difficult
  • Like Grade School – you need guidance and coaching.  A 3rd grader cannot walk into a school and give themselves a proper education, it’s difficult if not impossible to do it completely alone without some level of help and support. كيف ربح المال  

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