3 Tips & 10 Home Workouts to Improve Immune System & Reduce Stress

I know it’s been a big week in the news: more controversy, more infections, more death, more fear, more restrictions, a $2 trillion stimulus package and a long list of questions and worries.

People are stressed and scared. bukméker képzés   It’s natural.

However, how we deal with it is everything.

While there are many strategies (probably too many to count) that can help improve immune system and beat stress.  I wanted to give you my top-three (3)

Here are my BIG-3 tips on how to beat stress and improve your immune system.

1. Nutrition – Improve Immune System & Reduce Stress

  • Eat proteins (chicken, fish, eggs, beef etc)
  • Eat good fats (fish oil, olive oil, mac-nut oil)
  • Eat Veggies (especially green and leafy)
  • Avoid sugars (simple sugars and double sugars ‘carbs”) – they slow down your immune system

2. Exercise – Improve Immune System & Reduce Stress

  • This can mean many things – I like a combination of strength and cardio
  • While having the right equipment and workout systems is a bid advantage and can help get superior results – I understand that is not possible for most people right now. 
  • I have included several exercise below filmed by my staff to be able to be done with little or no equipment (It’s much better than doing nothing right now)

3. Hydration – Improve Immune System & Reduce Stress

  • Drink 1/2 weight in ounces of water per day (150lbs person = 75oz)
  • While water cannot was away fat or viruses, it does help your cellular membranes repair and be resilient.  This improves immuno-health. tippmix kalkulátor

Let’s put the individual exercises from last week into an entire series.

Go though each exercise in order, and repeat three to four times (sets) through. szlovák fogadóiroda

1) Swiss Ball Hamstring Bridge Roll-Out

2) Plank Walk-Out

3) Elevated Split Squat (or flat)

4) Super Crunch

5) Squat Monster Walk

6) Squat Press

7) Lower Abs 

8) Side Planks

9) Cross-Over Crunch

10) Reverse Plank

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