Home Workout Series: Legs & Abs

Please watch video message above.

I wanted to address a few things regarding your health, immune system and overall shape.

It’s ironic, before the Covid-19 Pandemic, many people thought society was drifting away from personal relationships and more into digital experiences.  People were spending more time disconnected from direct human interaction and more time on phones and digital devices.

Now, since we really can’t have human interaction besides immediate family members, we crave it more than ever.

It’s like the Universe is trying to teach us a lesson.

  • Will we learn and remember?

As we learned, the mandate to avoid assembly (stay at home unless emergency service) has been extended to April 30, 2020.

All membership accounts continue to remain frozen -no charges.

(Although we are not a gym, I believe we are the only company in WNY fitness not charging our clients during this time.)

The diet and exercise content we are providing is free of monthly charge to you (our fitness family).

It’s our way of helping during this dire time. 

Together, we will get through this difficult time.

When you initially decided to call me to improve your health and fitness, I told you I will not give up on you as long as you remained committed. 

I intend to follow though even during these difficult times.

Thank you for the awesome pictures and descriptions some of you are sending regarding home workouts.

Keep them coming.

I wanted to highlight the home workout room from Janet B:

Love the water rower!


Janet also had some nice words I wanted to share:

Thanks for the videos and enthusiasm you are sending us.  Taking all I have learned over the past few years and pushing forward amid all the chaos going on in the world today.  I know I have to take care of myself so I can take care of others.  #keepingmysanity Janet Bryant

Please send me more pics!!


Here with the help of Calvin are three exercises to do today.

You can do these independently or part of your bigger customized workout.

1) Plank Abduction

1. If you’re using a resistance band, place it just above both knees.

2. Begin in an assisted side plank position with your knees bent.

3. Lift your hips up off the floor and squeeze your core to hold your body up and flat like a board.

4. Begin separating your legs by lifting your top leg up and away.

5. Try performing 10 leg lifts and then lower your body to rest, lower you hips every few reps to rest if you need a modification.

2) Bosu Squat 

1. Set up a Bosu ball with the flat side up.

2. Stand on top of the ball, feet flat, allow yourself to balance.

3. Once you feel you have control over your balance, perform squats while standing on the ball. 

3) Jack Knife w/pushup 

1. Begin in a high plank position with your feet on a swiss ball, hands under armpits.

2. Slowly pull the ball towards your chest by digging your feet into the ball and tucking your knees into your chest. 

3. Return to starting position.

4. To make the move more advanced perform a push up each time you return to starting position. 

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