This silly stretch can help end back stiffness

Can this silly stretch help end back pain and stiffness?

I’ve had countless clients tell me that they get incredibly stiff if they sit for long periods of time during the day.  


Most of the stiffness centers around the low back and hips.

In addition, I’ve had hundreds of clients that have had spinal injuries and surgeries.  

Furthermore, I’ve had spinal surgery myself.

I’ve found that this one silly-looking exercise called the Founder’s Stretch can help alleviate back pain and decrease stiffness in just a few minutes. سلوتس


How to do:

Stand with your feet about shoulder-width apart

Bend your knees slightly and begin to bend from the waist


Foundation Training is a protocol designed by Eric Goodman.

It’s part yoga, part pilates, and part physical therapy, with the focus being to activate the posterior chain and strengthen the muscles that control movement.

As you bend, keep your spine flat and begin to raise your arms upwards and straight


Your weight should shift and be positioned on your heals, almost as if you were about to fall backward

Your arms are used as a counterbalance in an effort to pull your spine forward.


Older and injured spines can benefit from this greatly! العاب على النت

Hold for approximately 5-10 seconds and then release the tension and return back to a normal standing position.

Repeat 4-5 times

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