Is Eating Out Better for Your Nutrition?

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Home Eating is Better Eating

This may seem obvious, but generally speaking, home-cooked meals are a healthier option than ordering take-out or dining out at a restaurant.

But is it really that much healthier? zakłady sportowe przez internet

Well, according to a study conducted by the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, people who frequently cook meals at home eat healthier and consume fewer calories than those who cook less.

More specifically, the study found that people who cook most of their meals at home consume fewer
♦ Carbohydrates
♦ Less sugar
♦ Less bad inflammatory vegetable fat
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The study also found that those who frequently cooked at home also consumed fewer calories on the occasions when they ate out.

Given where we stand as a society in terms of obesity, diabetes, and other chronic diet-related health conditions, this whole “cooking your meals at home” thing seems like a pretty big deal. 

No matter how healthy an eatery claims to be, it is important to realize that their number one priority is to make their food taste good, while making a profit.

This often leads to the use of cheap, processed seed or vegetable oils in their dishes. bezpieczne kasyno online

Not only are these oils inflammatory and bad for you on their own, but they also add a significant amount of calories to every dish you order, even if you think you are making a healthy choice. 

Dangerous Oils Include:
♦ Canola oil
♦ Corn Oil
♦ Palm Kernel Oil
♦ Crisco
♦ Safflower Oil
♦ Sunflower Oil
♦ Soybean Oil
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For example, think of something as simple as scrambled eggs.

If you are making scrambled eggs at home, you would use a macadamia nut oil on the pan before adding your eggs.

But at pretty much any eatery, those same eggs will be made on a griddle most likely doused in canola oil or Crisco.

Pro Tip if you do find yourself ordering eggs at a restaurant: get them poached.

This will guarantee that your eggs aren’t cooked in any sort of mystery high inflammatory vegetable oil you might be trying to avoid!

Cook at home and use the right oil! gry kasyno dla zabawy
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