Replace Aspirin with THIS

STOP aspirin is the message for some 30-million people.


Because it does more harm than good for most people, as the Associated Press reported yesterday.

It was the combination of three large studies and found that only people with heart disease or who have had a stroke could benefit.

However, the majority of people who are taking it are using it as prevention and it’s causing digestive track bleeding and other side effects.

It is understandable why so many people have been taking it for prevention.  Not only have many physicians recommended it but it was also a common media message on commercials and in advertisements for decades.

And the claim: “Will help thin the blood to prevent heart attacks, strokes and clots.”

Now thinning the blood can be a good thing for many people (ask your doctor), but not at the cost of vessel damage inside the digestive track.

The safer solution: Cold Pressed Omega 3 Fish Oil

It works as a blood thinner AND the Omega ‘3 fats help to rebuild and repair vessel wall damage, in the digestive track but also throughout the entire body.

It also good to keep in mind, fish oil is a food, whereas aspirin is an OTC drug.  The benefits will be more encompassing and the side effects will be smaller.

Furthermore, most people do not take in enough good fats in a day.

Many people who are now doing Keto diets are looking for more good fats and Cold Pressed fish oil is great.  

However, it doesn’t stop with just Keto dieters, all persons should increase their Omega ‘3 fat intake, young and old.  

Not only is it a cornerstone for health and well-being, it’s also a very good way to stabilize blood glucose and help to drop body fat.

As many of my clients will attest, increase fish oil in their diet decreases their body fat. bukméker tippek

Fish Oil is one of only a few foods that will actually decrease your blood sugar!

Yes, the serving is related to body weight and to a certain extent, activity level. gaminator bonus code email

See Fish Oil Serving for your body weight

Lastly, remember it MUST be ‘cold-pressed’

Cold-pressing preserves the Omega ‘3 oil benefit, which are lost if the oil has been processed by other methods that are not cold pressed.

Cold Pressed Omega’3 Fish Oil – has all the cold pressed benefits and is excellent to take in either the AM. PM or split 1/2 in AM and 1/2 in PM, daily.

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