How much does Wine really affect blood sugar?


How much does it really affect blood sugar? كازينو اونلاين

Does it matter if you eat with wine or not?

How much is too much?

Will you get fatter?

Since so many of my clients consume wine and other alcohol, and I do as well, I wanted to do a ‘Deep Dive’ and learn more about the effects of wine. العاب قمار بوكر

So equipped with my Libre Continuing Monitoring Glucose Device I was prepared.

I couldn’t think of a better time to do an experiment than on Thanksgiving! 

Lose weight and fat now!
My Mission: Study the effects of red wine on my blood glucose and insulin. 
My Strategy:
•Measure and record my blood glucose just before dinner
•Eat dinner and drink two glasses of red wine
•Record my blood glucose after dinner
•Record glucose changes overnight
•Green beans
•1-cup of stuffing
•2 – glasses of wine
•No bread, no corn, no desserts
Time 1

15.30-6.00pm – I ate dinner and started my first glass of wine.

6.07pm spike Detected.

Time 2

26.58pm – Hit a spike of 107mg/dl – 26 point of sugar increase

Time 3

12.16 AM – Crashed during the night – 64mg/dl43 point drop from the high! قمار الخيل

So what does all this mean?
A whopping 43 point drop from the high to the low was more than I thought!

What will it lead to?
•Poor sleep – cannot maintain deep sleep
•Too hot during the night (Sweating)
•Massive fat gain because of the large insulin surge
•Brain fog the next morning
•Increased craving the next day to increase my glucose from 64mg to a higher number. 

It also means that drinking alcohol, especially wine, is worst than I thought for glucose and insulin stability.

Q) What if I didn’t eat and only drank?
A) Although I didn’t test it here, I predict it would be more severe.  Food actually helped by acting as a buffer.

Q) How about other alcohols like spirits or beer?
A) I only tested wine in this experiment.   

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