5-Surprising Bad Foods for Blood Glucose!

As noted in the picture above, I use a continuous glucose monitoring device called Levels Health.

It allows me to track my blood glucose 24-hours a day.

Although I am not diabetic, I am interested in glucose/insulin stabilization for optimal health and for body fat reduction.

In fact, I am so driven by this fact that I am willing to live with a small needle in my arm 24-hours a day.

In addition, I use the information to help both my clients and myself.

The manufacturer, Levels Health, just released their data from users.

After measuring the effects of over 250,000 food inputs, they analyzed the results. ingyenes nyerőgépes játékok regisztráció nélkül book of ra

They listed a report of their biggest offenders.

It is no surprise that certain foods and drinks caused a huge glucose spike, over 60mg/dl or more.

The huge glucose spike is then followed by a subsequent glucose dip from insulin being produced and released into the bloodstream.

These foods include:
•Alcohol (beer, wine, spirits)
•Orange juice

Once again, no surprise since all of these foods are high carb/sugar foods.

However, what is surprising is a list of other foods that many people would otherwise consider healthy and non-problematic.

They include:
•Skim Milk
•Acai Bowls
•Pho and Ramen

Once again, they are reporting foods that are high glycemic, over a 60mg/dl blood glucose spike.

For reference, a Snicker’s Bar is a 64mg/dl! legjobb fogadóiroda

My point in sharing this data is to help clarify a very confusing topic.

The Right Diet is a huge topic, that cannot easily be solved with any one-off approach.

However, the beauty in learning and practicing The Right Nutrition is that you can have the body of your dreams with the health and energy that will last a lifetime!

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