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The Perfect Side – Roasted Garlic Mac Asparagus

Food is mostly about a main entree and I wanted to provide you with many ideas.  However, side dished are complimentary and round out the meal. I wanted to provide you with my favorite side first.  Roasted Garlic Mac Asparagus From my book Cooking with Gold Download Here (For those of you that already have the book, It’s on page […]

Easter Blueprint to Drop Fat & Improve Health

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Happy almost Easter Weekend! It’s understandable to let your guard down especially during this challenging time with your diet and fitness. However, that will lead to increased insulin, fat gain and poor health.  Now, there is a strategy that will allow you to enjoy the holiday weekend without gaining body fat or compromising your health. Doing the […]

Home Exercise Series: Legs & Core

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Please watch video message above.  I wanted to address a few things regarding your health, immune system and overall shape. It’s ironic, before the Covid-19 Pandemic, many people thought society was drifting away from personal relationships and more into digital experiences.  People were spending more time disconnected from direct human interaction and more time on phones and digital devices.  […]

My Daily Routine to Reduce Stress and Lose Weight PM

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Today is another new day to improve your immune system. Time to set the tone and do what’s right for you. I’ve been asking for clients to send me questions and pictures.  Many have – Keep them coming: Here’s one that I received yesterday: Good evening Dr Derek ! First I hope this finds you and your family […]